My ancestral house in Karapuzha, a suburb of the Kottayam town, was built about 150 years ago by my great grandfather. It stands by a river connecting the Meenachil River to the backwaters. The original piece of land was about 2 acres, in two levels, with the house occupying the…

After brooding over this Matisse painting for a good deal of time in the Smithsonian Gallery in Washington D.C, and while attending an erudite talk in one of the halls, I had this vision!

photocredit: Pexels

The stick figures I drew on the margins of my book,

as I sat listening to an intricate argument

on whether Matisse’s Dance was a rejoinder to Picasso,

start squirming as I watch them in the mid day stupor

and imperceptibly, but with manifest intent

start crawling towards the centre of the sheet;

hands searching for each other’s hand

letting go and grabbing until firmly held;

a line first, slowly winding up the sheet

turning left and slowly moving down, closing the circle

the leading figure clasping the last hand,

the circle now closes and the dance begins.

The desert planet Arrakis, also called Dune, is created by the fervid imagination of Frank Herbert. Set more than twenty-thousand years in the future, the story focuses on the battle to control Arrakis. The climate on Dune is frighteningly hostile. …

I saw the movie “Social Network” in the PVR multiplex in Ahmedabad in 2010. The movie was about the founding of one of the defining online institutions of this generation, Facebook. It focused on Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and the conflicts surrounding its creation. …

If there is one genre of fiction that has celebrated global disasters, it is science fiction. The villains are Artificial Intelligence gone berserk, alien invasions, pandemics brought in by virus infection, global famines because of crop failure. All these have been themes that have spawned gripping dystopian stories of doom…

In the book “Denial of Death”, which won a Pulitzer Prize, Anthropologist Ernest Becker says: “The knowledge of death is reflective and conceptual, and animals are spared it.” He believed that animals know nothing of death. But today, based on investigations on the origins of human behaviour in nonhuman species…

In 1984, we moved to the new campus of the Plasma Physics Programme established by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, which became the Institute for Plasma Research in 1986. One of the policy decisions was not to have too many clerical and secretarial staff. Personal computers…

From the author’s collection

In 2008, my son Joseph moved to Switzerland to take up an assignment near Zurich. We first visited his family during the summer of 2009. There were many visits afterwards.

During these visits, I made it a point to visit the Einsiedeln Cathedral, which contains Our Lady’s Chapel. Einsiedeln is…

Oil on Canvas with fingers

My mother used to collect the India ink sketches I made, copying pictures of film stars from the Screen magazine. Meenakumari and Dilip Kumar were favourites. But, unfortunately, those scraps of paper are lost forever.

An early influence was a poor young man of Tamil Brahmin extraction who lived in…

John Pucadyil

I am a plasma physicist who also paints and write poetry. My work is available on my website I write on technology and personal experiences

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